Weekly Experiences

Midweek Worship Experience:

Wednesdays | Grades 6th-12th | 6:30-8:00pm

Small Groups:

Sundays | 6:00-7:30pm

6th Grade Boys led by David Malone & Joel Warren @ 306 Harbin, Waxahachie

6th Grade Girls led by Tonya Carnrike, Dakota Dennis and Ariel Roberts @ 3301 Sanger Creek Way, Waxahachie

7th Grade Boys led by Addison Allen & Dillon Yates @ 208 Rock Springs Court, Waxahachie

7th Grade Girls led by Megan Jo Allen, Stephanie Rust & Stacey Yee @ 100 Cardiff Lane, Waxahachie

8th Grade Boys led by Nathan Powell, Dan Robb & Randy Leach @ 179 Brookbend Drive, Waxahachie

8th Grade Girls led by Kyra Burns, Wendy Herrin & Aly McCluskey @ 179 Brookbend Drive, Waxahachie

9th Grade Boys led by Paul Burton & Brian Stevens @ 173 Brookbend Dr, Waxahachie

9th Grade Girls led by Breanne Burton, Ashlea Miller & Jasmine Sanchez @ 173 Brookbend Dr, Waxahachie

10th Grade Boys led by Jason Brown & Mark Miller @ 207 Williams, Waxahachie

10th Grade Girls led by Ashley Oler & Paige Mitchell @ 208 North Grand, Waxahachie

11th Grade Boys & Girls led by John Majors, Layton Myers & Stormy Lee @ 673 Brookglen Court, Waxahachie

12th Grade Boys & Girls led by Eric Davis, Evan Esselman & Linda Esselman @ 1113 Brooke Lane, Waxahachie




Text @asmjrhigh to 81010 for updates on Small Group times and locations for Junior High.

Text @asmremind to 81010 for  updates on Small Group times and locations for High School.

Text @ennissg to 81010 for  updates on Small group times and locations for Ennis Small Groups.

Avenue Student Ministry of The Avenue Church